We are the ISO:14001:2004 certified company since 2014.

The company has received various accreditations including the special award of Environmental Performance Certificate for the year 2012 & 2013 from the Ministry of Environment & Water – UAE for implementing the excellent pollution control system in and around the factory premises.

FCI is standing on a concrete foundation to serve the construction industry in a sustainable environment.

Adoption of Green Technology

FCI focusses on plant facility development on the framework of green designing standards. FCI always encourages an eco-friendly management system like:-

  • Use of CFL in camp garden as an Energy Conservation Initiative
  • Installation of automatic solar cells to switch off & on the street lights, during daytime.
  • Conversion of kiln feed-1 airlift into Bucket Elevator which is saving 1 kwh/tonne of material.
  • Capacitors Banks installed to improve power factor (from 0.85 to 0.95) at various electrical feeders.

Waste Heat Recovery (WHR)

FCI has incorporated Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) Project of 12 MW. This power generation unit does not need any external fed fuel to operate, but it uses the waste heat from the system as its fuel. Thus we are saving cost, environment and curtailing our energy demands in a unique way. The design of this plant hinges around the idea of encapsulating all the waste heat from the production system and using this steam to heat up boilers which eventually runs the turbine engines, thus producing electricity. Apart from saving cost it is able to prove our corporate social responsibility by taking our carbon emission to minimum level.

Tree Plantation at Various Localities

FCI has planted thousands of trees as a green belt development initiative to reduce the carbon footprint. FCI has encouraged tree plantation on UAE National Day, World Environment Day and various other occasions to support the cause of cleaner and Greener UAE. Tree plantation has been done inside and along the boundary of the plant area, residential areas as well as in the quarry as a green belt development initiative which will act as a dust/noise screen.

Emission Control

FCI has taken steps to ensure minimal dust and gaseous emission from our plant. Modern, efficient equipment have been installed at our facility to improve the overall performance of the plant. Use of the latest pollution control technology has also helped to make the plant environmental friendly. Stack emission limits of the kiln, cooler and raw materials are as per the UAE and International regulations.